The Entrance of a Cackling Green Parrot


Many people are curious about what it is like to own a parrot. Many people do not have the resources to look after parrots properly. Parrots are highly intelligent compared to most birds, and they need a huge amount of stimulation every day. Parrots also tend to be expensive and difficult to care for in other respects. However, watching a video like this can give people an idea of what owning a parrot would be like.

The video starts out with people gently laughing in the background as the parrot approaches. Finally, the parrot also starts cackling. The parrot manages to cackle more loudly and more forcefully than anyone else in the video, giving a laugh that almost sounds wicked. It’s a lovely green parrot, which only enhances the effect. This is the sort of brief animal video on YouTube that becomes popular. It’s also the sort of video that gets passed around on Facebook a lot.