Etta James Singing Her Masterpiece Live on ‘Dance with Stars’ Show


The everlasting masterpiece of Etta James under the name At Last was performed live in the episode of Dance with Stars. The magnificent performance of eternal composition is added by the brilliant dance from a couple of artists.
The thrilling voice of Etta James overwhelms the public. She performs the slightest nuances of the human soul with her amazing composition. The changes of the voice from deep to high tones make the viewer experience jim-jams. A passionate dance adds to the general impression about the video, since a couple makes a plethora of complicated movements with a lot of emotions on their faces. It is a great rendition that portrays talent and practice.

The performance of great artists dilutes the dancing shows and makes them unforgettable for the viewer. If you are a true aficionado of eternal masterpieces and the combination of dance and vocals, please SHARE this video on Facebook.