Ever Listened to a Bird Singing? Check This Out!


Have you ever heard a bird sing? Well if you haven’t, take a look at this parrot. It is not only singing a song by whistling it but also doing it perfectly!

Sitting on the chest of its owner, it merrily whistles away the tunes of a song without being bothered by the camera right next to it or the face of a human either. He is even able to match his rhythm with that of the owner’s clicking fingers!

The video has a lesson for everybody. Never undermine the potential of the beings around us. We might think that parrots are creatures who aren’t capable of much but this video truly shows the extremely amazing abilities of parrots to learn by listening. You would find various other videos on the internet with parrots performing amazing tricks which will blow your mind!

The owner and the parrot aren’t bothered about there being a camera. Don’t forget to SHARE this on Facebook and tell your friends about the bird that can sing!

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