Who Ever Said You Need An RV? Watch This Woman Set Up A Tent On The Back Of Her Truck


The majority of us have been in tents – they’re nothing new. The majority of us have also experienced problems with tents. Whether through getting wet, tearing the screen responsible for keeping bugs out or getting sticks and stones in our backs while we sleep, we’ve all been there. While you could just go get an RV, many people still like to “rough it” out in the woods with a tent, tents also much more cost-effective.

We need a new solution. Luckily for us campers, the mom in this video figured out just how to avoid many of the issues associated with camping in tents. The only catch? You’ll need a pickup truck. With nothing more than a few PVC pipes, a queen-sized blow-up mattress and a standard tarp, this mom created the world’s most comfortable, padded, elevated tent on the back of her truck.

It’s almost like a mini RV! The next time I go camping, I know what I’ll be sleeping in.

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