Ever Seen Dogs On Wheelchairs? There Is A Rea Angel Who Is Doing It Out There!


Dogs have been helping human to live safely for a very long time. However, for a long time, man has neglected dogs without feeling guilty about it. In fact, in some places stray dogs are poisoned by local authorities in order to control their numbers in the streets. That is how tough dogs have it in some countries. Still in other countries, dogs are considered as something dirty. They are never allowed indoors, neither are they groomed. The only extra care they get is an occasional pest spray to make sure they don’t have fleas.

The good news is that there are people who think kindly of dogs. They do not just treat them well, but they also care for them when they are sick. In the video below, you will meet such a person. She cares for disabled dogs. What is amazing in the way that she does it.She has wheel chairs made for those dogs that do not have limbs.