Everett gets its own tree library!


Having to chop down a dying tree can be quite painful for any homeowner especially if you bought the house because of the tree itself! But as rules might have it, dying and dangerous trees must be chopped down for safety measures.

One such woman, Sara Sanders, who was in love with her 110-year-old backyard tree decided to turn it into a library especially because she was interested in one for years! So she hired a woodcarver named Larry Carter to carve out a library from the dead tree and that too with a chain saw! Carter has a lot of experience in carving out horses, eagles and bears of all sizes.

The library is being used by the entire town and you will find many books adorning the tree-shelves already! Though Sara misses the tree but she sure has found a way to commemorate it. The rest of the wood was shared with other carvers by Carter who turned it in bird, fishes, flowers and much more.
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