Everyone Deserves a Chance To Be Happy


It can be tough to get a job, let alone find that special someone to share your life with. It can be even tougher if it means you have down syndrome, with the world already hard on you as it is. This creative video was shown of a man of 38 years with down syndrome. He has a special proposal for his girlfriend and we wants to do it in a way that will stand out for everyone.

He hires a few singers and follows behind them, all the while another person with a camera follows them all for the capture. They walk into the local McDonalds where his girlfriend Katarina is working and the singers begin to sing. He then walks up to her and gets on one knee, holding up a box where there is a key inside. He has asked her to move in with him, and she gladly accepts.

The video is shot in two languages both of which the words are on the screen at the time. It’s a touching video with message at the end to help donate for those with down syndrome in order to help them accomplish their dreams.