Exotic Zaatar Chicken Is On The Menu In Laura’s Kitchen


Zaatar is a spice blend many in the Western world may not be aware of. This exotic spice blend features oregano, thyme, marjoram, sesame seeds, salt, and sumac. This spice produces a heavenly aroma and taste. In this video, Laura teaches us how to make her famous Zaatar Chicken which is roasted with Zaatar seasoning, fresh thyme, and lemon. If only these videos came with smellovision! This is one of those dishes that will truly impress everyone and make you look like a master chef.

As always, Laura makes this dish incredibly easy. If you follow the simple steps, it will be super easy to create this dish. You can even put everything together the night before and allow the flavors to become even more intense before baking it the following day. In this video, you also learn how to create a gorgeous salad side dish which pairs beautifully with the Zaatar chicken. Don’t forget to Please SHARE on Facebook!

Laura in the Kitchen