This Expensive Car Burns As The Driver Throws Up His Hands In Anger!


In this shocking video, you will find several super fast cars racing down the streets of Dubai. This extreme video will have you on the edge of your seat! The driver in the red car seems to be trying to get the driver in the yellow car to race him. As they wait for the traffic light to change, you can see the driver in the red car making gestures with his hands. What happens next will really surprise you!

The driver of the yellow car is racing his engine up, making it very loud. Then the light changes. The car that is behind him is filming everything and notices that the yellow car starts to catch on fire.

He tries to get the attention of the other driver, but he speeds off instead. Then a few seconds later the video shows the yellow sports car in the middle of the road and engulfed in flames! Please SHARE this video with friends and family on Facebook.