An Experiment About People Finding Lost Wallets


Many people live in fear of losing their wallets or other important belongings. Reports about identity thefts and other horrible crimes have made a lot of people skittish, and they may panic when they’re discovered that they’ve lost their wallets. During this video, one of the creators purposefully drops his wallet and then records what happens to it from a distance.

Some people notice him dropping it immediately, giving it back immediately. However, there’s much more suspense involved when someone else finds it, keeps it, and goes to the mall afterwards. The viewer is initially led to believe that the person who found the wallet was spending the money and using the credit card that it contained. However, by the end of the video, he returns it to the address that he found on the driver’s license, and he didn’t use any of the money or credit cards for anything. This video has an almost inspirational quality to it, since it makes a positive statement about people. It’s the sort of video that could prove to be a hit among your Facebook friends.