Expressing our inner emotions through Dance. See How It Should Be Done!


Have you ever thought and wondered how we can express ourselves despite diversities?

Humans express themselves through bodily rhythmic movements, we all connect through dance.

We dance for many reason reasons; some opt to dance to have fun, others will dance with accordance of tradition and cultural heritage and also, people dance to mourn, and, some like in this video will dance to entertain.

In the video, it isn’t about mourning or culture and tradition but rather the body rhythms express the purpose of the dance through the cue of music.We can tell that this particular group is having fun despite the age, gender and diversity. In what better way can you unite people?

This truly shows unity and disregards diversity. It aims and presents one collective objective, to entertain— simply put to have fun. It shows us that almost every human being can dance whether it is a tango, square dance and even krumping. Dance may be said to be the best social interaction and connection between people and we do so with a common goal, with a mutual understanding.

There is a saying that states, ‘If you are quiet, you will be overlooked’. Well, it can’t be said about this group, because every move and every step they took were results of time and practice to perfect. And once you are on the stage, no one shall over look you. Let us not fall into self-indulgence that withholds us from doing what is best for us. So, don’t just sit or stand there, let’s hit the dance floor and do the steps!!

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