Family Explains About The Premature Death Of His Baby Sister To Their Preschool Age Son


Little Kaira was born prematurely and passed away either before, during, or shortly after her delivery. Kaira’s mom and dad then filmed the way they handled the heartbreaking task of explaining Kaira’s death to their preschool age son. The video starts with the mom and dad calling over their son and explaining that Kaira was too little to live, and that God had taken her back home with him.

The little boy wants to see his deceased baby sister and they show him. They talk to him about how little baby Kaira is and point out different features that the baby shares with all of them. The little boy is visibly sad and tells Baby Kaira that he loves her and will miss her. He also mentions that he wants another sister or brother one of these days. Mom and Dad reassure him that they will hopefully be blessed that way in the future.

This video shows a loving family dealing with unspeakable loss, it shows mom and dad being very strong and teaching their son about love, loss, and handling grief. Please share on Facebook.