Family Of Geese Uses The Crosswalk Properly So They Can Cross The Street Safely


The mother goose of this family has certainly taught her children well and she leads by example. When they needed to cross the road, she did not jaywalk but instead used the crosswalk, legally moving she and her family across the road. This video shows each of them crossing through the crosswalk and it is super adorable to watch! These little cuties were so careful in their approach and followed the law to the letter.

This video has to make you smile, no matter what you might have been through today! These little guys are so adorable as they follow their mother all the way across the road, never veering off course. She was sure to keep them safe and make sure they did not get a ticket for jaywalking as they crossed the road. What a sight to be able to witness! After you have watched, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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