Family Time With The Family Dog That Loves The Swing


All kids love swings and if you are a parent, you already have one in the yard which they don’t seem to get enough of. As it turns out, dogs too love swings as you will see from this short amateur home video. The swing is big enough for the whole family as the couple’s daughter is already in her swing enjoying her moment before the dad decides to bring in the family dog to join in the fun.

He picks him up and places him on the swing nicely with its hind legs first. Once the dog is comfortable in the position, he gives him the first swing.
Evidently, dogs enjoy swings just as much as kids do as this one is very calm and collected with every push of the swing.

He barks a few times with excitement as the family laughs at the amazing experience. Please SHARE this video with friends and family on Facebook for all those animal lovers.
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Erik Lanier