A Fantastic Cover of the Classic Song All By Myself By a Singer Who Hits the Climactic Notes


The song All By Myself has been a pop song classic for a long time now. It has been covered countless times by singers who vary widely in talent. The singer in this video is easily one of the most talented people who has ever covered this song, despite being very young herself.

The singer’s youth manages to create a striking contrast with the song, given its content. The implied singer behind the lyrics is an older person who is lonely. Having a young person sing the song creates a dissonance. Still, the singer in this video manages to make viewers forget all about, delivering a great performance and managing to hit even the highest, longest, and toughest notes in the song without any visible difficulty. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since many people would love to hear such a good rendition of a truly classic power ballad.


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