Fantastic Father Defends His Son Who Has Down’s Syndrome


Every single good father in this world wants to do the best for his son, it is a natural feeling derived from fatherhood. This example of a dad defending his son who has Down’s Syndrome is one of the most touching things that you’ll ever see, and a perfect example of wonderful parenting.

The father, Rob Scott from Nova Scotia, was irked when he discovered a father poorly explaining to his son what Down’s syndrome was – obviously this had an effect on Rob.

So he decided to make a video and stand up for his son. He wasn’t expecting for it to go viral, but the heartfelt words spoken ensured that it did. Now, as of 2016, nearly 500,000 people have seen this video. And what’s more, hopefully now a few more people will understand exactly what Down’s Syndrome really is. Please SHARE this video on Facebook.

ABC News

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