A fantastic Mother’s Day Surprise


Mother’s Day is a special day where we celebrate how much we appreciate our mothers. They work hard for us, either in their jobs or at home, many times at both. This video shows a surprise that was set up by Kiis 1065 radio station in order to surprise a hard working mother.

This video is only a few minutes long but it gives you a little sense of direction right from the heart of the radio station in the beginning. It shows the hosts talking to the daughter that is one the seen at a grocery store. This grocery store is the one where her mother works at, but she hasn’t seen her mother in quite some time. The daughter stands in the aisle with her back to the employee entrance. She pretends to be reading a box of cereal as her mother is paged to the front of the store. As she walks by the daughter, the daughter asks the mother a question, and when she turns around it puts her in tears.

It truly is a heartwarming experience for the mother in the video. If you love you mom you should share this video with your friends and family on Facebook.