Farm Fresh Eggs May Not Be So Farm Fresh


If you live on a farm with chickens and your chickens produce eggs nearly daily that you are faithfully out collecting and enjoying, then, yes, you do have farm fresh eggs. But there are many consumers out there who believe that they are buying farm fresh eggs from their own local supermarkets in their neighborhood, because there are large words on the package that say that the eggs are farm fresh.

However, the farmer in the video clearly shows how these words on the packaging are misleading about farm fresh eggs. He shows us how to search for various codes on the package of the egg cartons in the supermarkets so that we will know how long our eggs have actually been in those cartons. The revealing truth may prove shocking to some. Eggs in the supermakert are not as farm fresh as they claim they are and really have been in the packages for up to as high as forty five days.

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