This Farmer Refuses To Swindle Other Farmers With His Invention


When people enter Shark Tank, they are typically there to make as much money as they possibly can. They want to impress the investors so they will give them the funds they need, to make their dreams a reality. When this man stepped on the stage and begin talking about his product, the investors were intrigued. He invented a tree shield that could save farmers tons of money on watering costs and protect their tree growth. This is a video you’ve got to see to believe!

When the investors find out the man is only making about a dollar or so per shield, they are amazed. One investor says he needs to charge much more so he can make a big profit. When the farmer hears this, he is flabbergasted and refuses. When all of the investors back out, there is one that remains. Watch this amazing video and Please SHARE on Facebook.