Farmer Survives “Shark Tank” And Walks Away With His Asking Price


Shark Tank is a show that features a formidable group of investors. The participants must pitch their idea before the shark tank to see if any of them will bite and give them the money they are looking for. This video shows a humble farmer who has created a simple, yet innovative method of reducing the amount of water and energy spent in tree farming. He only makes one dollar on each one he sells because he wants to be able to help other farmers. When one of the sharks tells him he needs to sell for a much higher price, he looks at the man as if he has lost his mind!

This farmer is a picture of what true decency is! Many people would have raised their prices as much as they possibly could to make a big profit but this farmer refused and he was rewarded for it. While one investor backed out completely, the farmer is awarded a partner and the money he needed for production costs. Check out this amazing video and Please SHARE on Facebook.

George Otieno

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