Fat Rat Stuck In Manhole Gets Rescued By Firefighters In Germany


Firefighters are always in full alert, even when it comes to rescuing animals. Here comes a video from Germany where a group of firefighters went to a special intervention, and their act was captured on the camera.

A fat rat needed their help who was stuck in one of the holes in manhole.

On Sunday, firefighters from Bensheim recieved a call for help, as the rat was in trouble – they were called by a local society helping animals. Firefighters, despite the fact that it was only a rat, quickly went to intervention.

At first they failed to get the rat out of the hole, so they decided to lift the lid, and the trapped rat was then pushed out and saved from the other side.

The society has already thanked all the firemen, and many people on the social networks have been warmly impressed by their gesture. Even if it was just a rat, animal is now thanks to good firefighters, back on the freedom!\

Source: klipland