Father Of Boy Who Committed Suicide Because Of Bullying Speaks Out


This video is not an easy one to watch but it is crucial for every parent to view it. Some parents are not aware of the absolute hell their children are going through each day. The father in this video is inconsolable as he mourns for his sweet thirteen-year-old son. As he says, no parent should have to bury their own child! In this video that was recorded live, Daniel Fitzpatrick lets the world know what bullying truly does.

This grieving father did his best to convey the true and horrible emotions he and his family are dealing with. You cannot even begin to fathom his pain unless you have been through what he is going through! He calls the kids who bullied his son monsters and he is right. Bullying must stop now before more lives are lost! If you support this father, Please SHARE on Facebook so the word can be spread about this touching video.

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