Father of the Bride’s Sweet Gesture has Step-Dad Crying


Planning for joy can come with pan when you are the stepfather of the bride. Such was the case with a wedding that took place earlier this week, a subject that was covered in a YouTube video. As everybody was waiting for the wedding march, the biological father of the bride marched up to the wedding photographer and gave her certain instructions.

He then crossed over to the stepfather, grabbed his hand and said, “You’ve worked as hard as I have, you deserve this as much as I do, you’re going to help me walk our daughter down the aisle.”
At that point, the stepfather was completely clueless as to what was going on. The biological father said, “There’s no better way to thank me than to assist me walking my — our daughter down the aisle.”

The photographer also began to tear up and had to take the wedding pictures before she lost it. This is one of the most touching videos I have ever seen.