A Father Defends His Daughter From a Sexual Predator That She Encountered on Social Media


Despite the tremendous benefits of social media, some people have still had terrible encounters with it, especially when it comes to dating. People are often dishonest on social media or on the Internet about themselves in one way or another, but some of them are actually criminally dishonest about themselves.

The father in this video managed to prevent a potentially horrifying situation for his daughter. She met someone on social media that she thought was a fellow teenager. The person in question was an adult who was actually trying to get her into a dangerous position. Fortunately, the predator was discovered by the father in time, who was able to incapacitate him long enough for the police to arrive. This situation should serve as something of a wake-up call for the very young people who are using social media. This is a video that many people on Facebook in particular probably need to see.