Father Discovers Deadly Venomous Spider Making a Nest Inside His Son’s Shoe


When a boy left his pair of sneakers outside for a few days, his Father wisely decided to check them before he allowed his son to wear them. Little did he know, his actions would save his son’s life! This video was made as a warning for everyone to check their shoes before slipping their feet inside. Failure to do so could result in a nasty bite that could end up being fatal. As this Father learned, you never can be too careful!

This video shows an Australian Father checking his son’s sneakers to ensure there are no nasty critters inside. Low and behold, he finds a deadly spider has claimed his son’s shoe as its residence and is busy creating her funnel web. This spider, called the Atrax Robutus, is the most deadly in all of Australia. In one single bite, she can cause death unless a person receives a quick dose of anti-venom. Now that you realize the dangers that could be lurking in your shoes, make sure you never put them on without a quick check to ensure your toes will be alone! Please SHARE on Facebook to warn others!

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