Father of a Newlywed Bride Prepares For a Strange Speech


In this confusing but entertaining video we see the father of a newlywed bride prepared for a speech. We can see instantaneously that he is nervous as he shifts through his speech papers looking confused and bewildered. Meanwhile, the bride sits next to him looking up at him wondering what he’s doing.

The scene becomes even more confusing as the subject of air-conditioning comes up when the father of the bride is in this confused state of affairs. Slowly as things become more and more chaotic a screen starts to descend at one end of the hall and we are then presented with a slideshow that shows images of the bride when she was a young baby.

Suddenly there seems to be a fault in the presentation and the screen seems to crash. However, we are then presented with a surprise performance on the screen of the father who carries out a dance and a speech, much to the brides amazement. Click the following link and share on Facebook if you enjoy the video.