What is fear anyway. You can do anything!


This video features the mahomet Seymour dance team and is also a motivational speak about getting over your fears. The dance team are brilliant and obviously very talented. They perform well together and move in a fluid motion as if they were one.

A man is talking about fear with the main question being ‘what room does fear have’. In the first part of the video the girls are wearing black shorts and a t-shirt. The man seems almost down cast as if his fears are getting the better of him.

The tone of the performance changes when the girls pull down their t-shirts and as if by magic are transformed. They are wearing beautiful white and pink dresses. This is reminiscent of ‘The ugly duckling’ and the performance gives the message that it’s possible to get over your fears. Music plays and the man talking seems more positive and inspiring. He says things like embrace courage, experience life, find affection and let the past be in the past.

This is a must see video for anyone struggling with difficulties in their life as it inspires people to question their fears and over come them. The production has been done in a lovely way which is entertaining and educational. Please SHARE in Facebook