Feisty Cat Will Not Let Mailman Deliver Mail


Each day this mailman attempts to deliver mail at the house featured in this video, he is met with a rude resistance from the cat who lives inside. Evidently, this feline detests junk mail because he refuses to accept it and pushes it right back out the mail slot. The mailman does all he can to deliver the mail but the cat simply will not allow him to!

This video is hilarious to watch as you see the two fighting it out over the mail. As the mailman struggles to push the mail inside the slot, the cat works just as hard to make sure it does not get delivered. In this epic battle of mailman versus cat, it appears the cat loses in the end. What a fun job this mailman has! If you think this cat is crazy, Please SHARE on Facebook so all your friends and family can enjoy this funny cat’s antics with the mailman.

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