“Ferocious” Bull Dog Puppy Is Truly Too Adorable For Words!


The tiny bulldog in this video might seem like a ferocious beast but he is really a little softie! He is so adorable as he growls at his owner, attempting to get her attention. When she asks him what is wrong, he then starts whining in the cutest voice. This little one is not getting what he wants and he is going to throw a fit until he does! Can you imagine holding this sweet wrinkly puppy?

As you listen to him go back and forth between growling and whining, you will not be able to help but laugh. He is truly such a funny pup and you may find you want to watch again and again. This is a video every dog lover just has to see! Who could resist such a fussy cute puppy? It is clear to see this puppy is used to getting what he wants. After you watch, Please SHARE on Facebook.