Fiesty Grandma Uses Perfume Spray to Stop Her Kidnapper in His Tracks


When this Grandma was approached by a gun-wielding kidnapper, she was forced into her car and was asked to drive to where he told her. As she begged him not to kill her, she knew he most likely would. This video shows how a bottle of perfume truly saved this Grandma’s life. Now, she keeps it in her car wherever she goes because it gives her strength knowing she can fight back and protect herself!

This wonderful story has a happy ending because this woman refused to be attacked. When she remembered the bottle of perfume she had in her car door, she quickly grabbed it and sprayed her kidnapper in the eyes, temporarily blinding him long enough so that she could kick him out of her car. Quick thinking saved this woman’s life and she wants to encourage others they can protect themselves too! To raise awareness about this woman’s brave act, Please SHARE on Facebook

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