Fiesty Great Dane Prefers His Drinking Water Directly From the Bathroom Sink


This cute video will bring a big smile to your face the moment you see this Great Dane in action. This Great Dane is not your average dog. He is not common like others and does not like drinking from a primitive bowl of water. This giant dog prefers to get his water as fresh as possible, as it comes from the faucet in the bathroom sink. As he greedily laps at the water coming from the faucet, it is clear his owners do not mind because he is truly so darn cute!

This is one of those quick videos you can watch in a few seconds, smile, and go about your day. This Great Dane is a beautiful creature who clearly has refined tastes that will not allow him to drink stale water from a bowl. If you love seeing this giant dog as he drinks, Please SHARE on Facebook so the whole world can admire him!

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