Fifteen Foot Florida Gator Calls an Upscale Golf Course His Stomping Grounds


This video might just shock you and have you thinking it is a fake but you can rest assured it is not. Recently, a Florida golf course had a strange visitor to arrive on the scene. This fifteen-foot gator seems to be a common visitor to the golf course, as he is frequently seen hanging around. He is so extremely large, many people who have seen the video think it is a fake that has been photoshopped. With research, people have found he truly is real and very much alive!

Can you imagine going to play a round of golf and seeing this big alligator sauntering your way? As the video says, this big fella’ sure looks well-fed! Wonder if any of his meals have included golfers! Now that you know this crazy viral video is real, you can share it like mad and tell your friends you told them so! Please SHARE on Facebook so everyone can know this gator is the real deal!

The Fumble

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