Fifteen-Year-Old Invites Sensor To Keep Those With Alzheimers Safe


Watch this video to see how an invention created by a fifteen-year-old boy is able to help out all of those suffering from Alzheimers disease. The boy had a heart for those with the disease because his grandfather suffers from it, and when his grandpa had gotten out of the house and found himself on the freeway one day, the boy found it to be very real and frightening that his grandpa could one day get hurt. So, he decided to do something to keep his grandpa and others like him safe.

The boy put his brains to use in creating a sensor that will help caretakers to know when one with Alzheimers leaves their bed. The sensor attatches to a sock, and it is the perfect item to keep all of those with this disease from going out and being hurt. The boy has done a great thing in creating it, and you will be sure to be amazed by him.

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