Finding Thousands of Dollars In a Couch and Giving It Back


A lot of people will find money under the couch cushions and in similar parts of the couch, where lots of things have a tendency to get lost. Few people find tens of thousands of dollars. In this video, a group of New York roommates buy a cheap old couch and find that the original owner had tens of thousands of dollars inside, presumably after forgetting it there.

Fortunately, the money came with a deposit slip, so they were able to return it to the original elderly, widowed owner. They were compensated for being kind and responsible, which was certainly an unexpectedly positive twist to the story. Many of the people watching this video will probably wonder what they would do in this situation. Some of them would keep the money, and some of them wouldn’t, but no one ever knows until they’re in that situation. People on Facebook would probably enjoy debating the issue after watching this video.

Nick Dillan

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