Firefighters Help a Trapped Horse Save Herself from Pit

When Freedom, a lovely white Polish horse, got herself trapped in a maintenance pit, the odds of her coming out alive and well didn’t look good. Her owner, Marek Slodkowski, spoke gently to her, trying to keep her awake, as she seemed to be surrendering her to her fate. He called the Fire Department, who arrived with equipment to try to free her, but Freedom had to do her part to help escape her predicament.The challenge was to free her without injury.

For twelve hours the drama continued. Finally, due to the team’s encouragement, Freedom’s spirits began to rally with a new found burst of energy, so the time was right to proceed with the rescue operation. Secured with conveyor belts, the horse made one final lunge, and with the crew helping to hoist her, she made a leap out of the trap. Once out of the pit, the horse did a little run around like it was no big deal, perfectly fine and unharmed. The fire rescue crew, who worked so tirelessly to liberate her, applauded and congratulated each other on a job well done.
Freedom now enjoys living up to her name, galloping in a Polish pasture.


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