A First Couple Goes Through A Hilarious Sequence of Dance Moves at Their Wedding


It is customary for couples to have a first dance as spouses together. However, most of them start with a waltz or a similar sort of slow and emotional dance. This couple starts out with a slow dance, and then they transition to a wide range of dance moves set to several different songs. The music in the background changes tracks several times throughout their first dance together. They change dance moves right along with the music.

The husband and wife in the video are both good dancers, and they manage to alternate between different dance styles fairly impressively and gracefully. They both look like they’re having a great time as well, which just makes the whole video look like fun. It’s also interesting that they essentially managed to take this tradition and make it their own. People on Facebook, especially many married people, would get a kick out of this video.

Dae Kim