The First Ever Set Of Septuplets Just A Month Away To Their 18th Birthday


When History was being written in 1997 as Bill Clinton came into power and The Titanic movie finally hit our screens, Bobby and Kenny were also making history of their own.

This short video tells us of the story of the famous set of septuplets who were the first ever set of siblings of this nature to ever survive infancy. After years of growing up in the limelight in front of the ever rolling cameras, the seven siblings are finally turning 18 on 19th November. In this video, you will see the footage about their childhood from when they were babies in diapers and clearly, they have all covered a milestone.

Bobby, the mother, gets emotional when asked about how the journey has been, especially when she remembers that all her seven babies survived against all the odds. Kenny is also a proud dad as the siblings clearly turned out great with each having different and special personalities.
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