Fisherman Saves Huge Whale From Drowning in the Ocean!


Though it would seem impossible for a whale to drown, it can happen. In this video, you will see a poor whale who has become entangled in fishing rope lines. He cannot move so he cannot rise to the surface and breath. When Adrian Colaprete saw the whale was in trouble, he did not hesitate for a moment to jump in and attempt to save him. With his trusty knife and some scuba gear, he dove into the ocean and began working fiercely to free the whale so he could breathe.

As you watch the video, you will soon be able to witness the joyful moment when the whale is cut free. The fisherman worked to get to the surface to see the beautiful whale rise but was only able to see his enormous tail come crashing down into the sea. What a beautiful moment it must have been for this brave fisherman! If you think he deserves to be honored, make sure you Please SHARE on Facebook.

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