These Fishermen Were Happy When The Big One Got Away!


When you see the video footage here, you will not be able to believe your eyes. When some fishermen were out fishing on the Long Island Sound, they could not believe their eyes when they saw a deer swimming about six miles from the shoreline. The deer was cold and exhausted and the fishermen quickly devised a plan so they could help. As they put ropes around the deer’s antlers, they were able to safely pull him into shore.

This is quite an unbelievable story but seeing is believing! How this deer got so far from shore will never be known. When they pulled him to the sand, he was so cold, he could not move. His rescuers worked to cover him with blankets and keep him warm until he was able to finally get up and walk away. This was a moment these fishermen will never forget! Watch the video and Please SHARE on Facebook.