Fishermen Hear Weird Noises Coming from the Bushes. Now Watch When They Get Closer


Fishing is valid excuse to get you out of the house. It helps you have some quiet time and relax. The biggest thrill that comes from fishing is tugging a very large fish in your line.

Two men were fishing in a river when a strange voice interrupted their fishing spree. They moved closer to the river bank to investigate the source of the noise. However, they were not prepared for what they saw.

The two men were at a lake in Tennessee to enjoy some fishing. During their lunch break on a nearby island, they saw something rustling in the bushes.

The two men were on a little island abandoned from the mainland. Something was moving at a rapid speed headed in their direction.

Panic arose in the fishermen. However, they were relieved when they realized it was a wild animal. It was a scrawny puppy emerging from the bushes.

It was clear the puppy was on its own for a long time. It desperately needed help and it approached the strangers.

Although the dog appeared nervous and fearful, he ran up to the boat.

The scared puppy has found a happy home at last. Watch the video and SHARE on Facebook.