These Five Amazing Kids Saved Their Mom’s Life After Their Dad Tried To Kill Her


This video is from 60 Minutes and is a story you need to hear, no matter who you are! The family in this video went through a night of hell, all because their dad decided he was going to kill his estranged wife. During their separation, he began to drink more and more and one night, he finally snapped and brought a gun to do the unthinkable. When you hear the recounting of how these five little heroes saved their mom’s life, you will not be able to keep the tears from flowing!

When their dad busted in and shot their mom, they all went into action and began doing all they could to stop their dad and prevent him from killing their mom. This story is absolutely unbelievable and you will not want to miss a minute of the video because it has a happy ending. Check out this amazing story and Please SHARE on Facebook to raise awareness about domestic violence.