Five Groomsmen in Kilts Perform Epic Song and Dance Montage Performance


As you watch this video, you will immediately notice something big is about to happen at this wedding. The five groomsmen decked out in complete Scottish attire, comically perform before the bride and groom with songs ranging from Frozen’s Let It Go to Grease’s Summer Nights. This act comes complete with props and even wigs!

As you watch this hilarious montage of songs, you are sure to laugh out loud at the comedic antics of these five as they perform before the happy couple. These guys are so talented and funny, they may soon find themselves being inundated with performance requests from a variety of engaged couples! As they perform each snippet of song, the audience rolls with laughter. This is a wonderful tribute to a couple who obviously has touched the lives of these five who want to send them on their honeymoon with a funny memory. Check out this witty performance and then Please SHARE on Facebook so others can laugh along too!