Five Puppies And Their Mom Get A Special Treatment


This is a story of a dog that was rescued with its five adorable puppies. The World Animal Awareness Society walk around the streets rescuing animals that don’t get the care and treatment they deserve. Since animals can’t speak, this group comes to their rescue and give them proper medication and food.

Chocolate is the name of the mother dog that has five puppies. At first, the Katie Wing, a member of the Houston K911 Rescue team says that they had earlier paid a visit to the same house and attended to the dog. The dog had now given birth to 5 puppies and the team saw the need to rescue it. The owner of the dog was skeptical the first time the rescue team went for the dogs but after they returned Chocolate back they gained the owner’s trust.

They managed to find the five puppies but don’t see Chocolate at first. With the help of the owner, they were able to locate Chocolate. It is an emotional moment when the puppies are taken from their home. This is a good video you need to SHARE on Facebook.

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