This Five Year Old Girl Rocks Harder Than You


Learning to play percussion instruments — cymbals, drums, piano, and the like — isn’t at all easy. It takes years for most people to be able to play a decent tune, and more than that to become an expert player and entertain crowds with their musical skill. However, one five year old little girl, Eduarda Henklein, has become an excellent drummer in just a few short years. Don’t believe it? Just watch the video.

As the adorable girl sits in front of her drum set, no one would assume that she has the musical talent to play a rock song, but she does. Eduarda starts playing a Van Halen tune flawlessly. The look on the tiny rocker’s face is confident, but ever so sweet. The crowd loves her performance and cheers her on, and she gets a rousing applause when she’s done playing. If you want to see a future star in action, watch Eduarda rock the drums in this video.

Eduarda Henklein Baterista