Five-Year-Old Kills It On The Drums While Playing Van Halen’s “Jump”


Eduarda Henklein was only five-years-old when this video was recorded. This young girl has the talent of someone much older than her and it will absolutely amaze you. She has been playing drums since she was only four and can pick up a song by hearing it. Eduarda is from Brazil and she has a level of talent that is truly unexpected. You will love to watch her facial expressions as she rocks out to Van Halen’s “Jump”. If you are a Van Halen fan, don’t miss out on this awesome drum cover!

This sweet little girl is clearly going to be an amazing musician when she grows up. Evidently, her parents taught her to love rock n’ roll classics and she enjoys rocking it out! It is amazing to watch her in action because she beats those drums just like a professional. If you enjoy her drumming skills, Please SHARE on Facebook.