This Flight Attendant Really Knows How Make The Passengers Laugh Out Loud


We all dread those boring speeches by the flight attendant before our plane takes off. But this one flight attendant is not boring at all! In fact, she is down right funny. Feeling that those normal safety instructions are a bit boring, an attendant on a South Western flight come up with her own more funnier version.

During this super cool video, the flight attendant starts the safety speech out like everyone else but then she blends some really funny jokes in between the boring instructions. She makes the passengers laugh out loud and you will too, once you hear her jokes. She makes fun of the life preservers, which has a few passengers in the front row crack up. This funny attendant really wowed the crowd and made them all feel better about flying on the plane. Please SHARE this funny video with all of your friends and family on Facebook! They will be laughing out loud as well!