Flow Into the Future of Beekeeping


For years, beekeepers, scientists, and environmentalists alike have been working to find a simpler way to harvest honey from beehives without harming the insects. The world has already come a long way from having to kill the whole colony for one harvest, yes, but even today’s modern frames have their problems.

Harvesting the honey disturbs the bees, even is used to calm them down, and countless bees are still squished in the process. Thanks to the beekeepers in this video, however, all of that might soon come to a change.

With the help of their new invention, they’re able to harvest honey from bees with hardly any disturbance to the bees because they don’t need to open the hive. No sudden jolts, no jostling, no work-decreasing smoke, and no accidental casualties happen with their patented Flow™ frames.

They work simply: instead of having to lift an entire frame out of a box, all one has to do is turn a tap and the honey-filled cells split open, allowing all of the honey to flow out of the hive and into a jar. Once the honey stops flowing, the tap is turned back, the cells close, and the bees start working to fill them up again.

Several professional beekeepers have tried and tested the Flow™ frames, and although there are some nagging questions, all agree that it’s the start of something wonderful and revolutionary to the world of honey harvesting. The founders have set up a kickstarter for their invention, so check that out, like them on social media, and share this on facebook to get the good word out!