Footage From the Forgotten Dogs of the Fifth Ward Project and the Rescues


Many instances of animal cruelty are very localized, as horrible as they are. They involve specific instances of animal cruelty with specific people. However, there are other, much more horrifying cases of animal cruelty that involve lots and lots of animals, some of whom are going to be completely lost in the shuffle. The Forgotten Dogs of the Fifth Ward are like that. This video documents their plight in a great deal of detail.

Many people haven’t even heard of this situation, and they are unaware of what tends to happen with dogs who are involved in situations like flooding.

This video should give them a great deal of insight into the overall problem, and it will also give them a new respect for the people who are trying to fix the problem. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is about an important cause, and describes it in detail.

World Animal Awareness Society