Forget Everything You Know About Nail Polish Commercials


OPI, a nail lacquer manufacturer headquartered in North Hollywood, California, gets the most of its publicity from new nail polish colors, or quick-drying formulas. But very rarely does it get attention for its advertisements. In fact, it is rare for any nail company to create buzz over an ad! But that is just what OPI’s video, Instinct of Color does.

In the video, four dancers communicate their feelings through intricate and complex motion. But, believe it or not, the main focus of the video is not the dancers themselves, or even their nail polish. No, the star of the video is an incredibly trained thoroughbred horse with the ability to mimic the dancers almost exactly. Now, upon reading this, you might feel a little bit skeptical. How on earth does a horse dance? Well, put all your doubts to the side and watch the video. You will not only be amazed, but also thoroughly entertained. (Be sure to keep an eye out for the changing colors of the horse’s hooves throughout the video!)

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