Former Biggest Loser Contestant Ali Vincent Comes Forward With Shocking Weight Gain!


Ali Vincent won the 2008 Biggest Loser competition, losing an astonishing 112 pounds and being the first female to win the show. For years, she worked hard to keep the weight off and appeared to be doing well. Unfortunately, she has recently come forward on the TD Jakes Show and admitted to gaining almost all of the weight she had lost, topping out the scales at over 200 pounds again.

Ali was so ashamed, she was in tears. She attributes her weight gain to a sexual assault that occurred during a massage. She does not want to feel like she let everyone down by gaining back her weight and feels almost as if she does not deserve happiness or success. TD Jakes attempted to help Ali and it is important all her fans rally around her. After watching this video, be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook so word can be spread among her fans.

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